Tuesday, September 26, 2006

It's here, I'm on it

It's here. My precious is finally here. In fact, I'm using it right now. In the hallway outside my Poli Sci lecture room. Sweet. So that's my only news, other than we had a strategy session today with the UBC NDP for the Jack Layton event of Friday, but if I told you what we talked about, I'd have to kill you. Mwahahaha.

Monday, September 25, 2006

It's like a drug

I swear, Apple products are like a drug. My laptop's not even here, and I'm already in withdrawl! I need it! Ah! But anyhoo, not too much has happened since I last posted. I volunteered at this NDP meet and greet thing on Saturday night, where I got to meet a bunch of MLAs and tell them what I'm concerned about. It was pretty cool. And the president of the UBC NDP tried to convince me to join the BCYND exec. So that's cool. Oh, and the girls and I finally did our Skypeing. We did a conference call with the four of us - it was 9 pm in Reykjavik, 7 in Cleveland, 6 in TO, and 3 here in Vancouver. We talked for about an hour, and decided we should do this every week. It was especially funny because Catherine's wireless connection she was using sort of crapped in and out, and so for whole portions of the conversation she was about 10 seconds behind the rest of us. So we'd already be onto the next topic of conversation, and then she's say something like, "6 is good!" It was pretty hilarious. So, that's about all for now.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Oh yeah

I forgot when I posted earlier, because I was so excited about my iPod, but I went to a UBC NDP meeting today and found out that Jack is coming to UBC. Next friday. And we're apparently supposed to organize it all. Yay. I've also volunteered at a BC NDP fundraiser thingie on Saturday, where I will apparently get to meet BC NDP MLAs and MPs. And free wine and dessert.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


I got my new iPod today! It came from Memphis! Yay! I'm excited! It's so shiny and new!

Monday, September 18, 2006


So, another exciting week in Vancouver. This week it finally got cold and rainy, just like everyone promised it would. I also ordered my MacBook and iPod. See, they had this sweet deal on for students where not only did you get a discount price on a MacBook, but you got a free iPod. Great, right? But the cut-off was Sept. 16, and by the beginning of last week every Apple seller in Vancouver was out of MacBooks. Hah. I had the money just sitting in my account, but my credit card limit wasn't high enough to order it off the internet myself. So I had to call my dad, who was on holidays and fishing up at Emma Lake, to ask if I could charge it on one of his cards and then pay him back. So I ordered on the 14th, and all was good. On the email from Apple they said they ship all their stuff from their warehouse in California, but they're wrong. Or maybe by CA they meant China. See, they shipped my iPod two days ago, from Shanghai. I can look up where it is using my handy little FedEx tracking number they gave me. So it went from Shanghai to Anchorage, and from Anchorage to Memphis. It's now in Memphis, and will hopefully move north sometime. I know I didn't pay the extra ten buck or whatever for fast shipping, but Shanghai-Anchorage-Memphis?! Doesn't that seem like a teensy bit of a roundabout route to get to Vancouver? Oh well, I guess I will leave it up to the infinite wisdom of FedEx. They should ship my computer any day now also, which I can't wait to get. My desktop's all fine and good, but I've been craving my laptop. I could go and write my paper in the study room they have in my rez. That would be cool. Or I could just write it in front of the TV if I felt so inclined. I need mobility!!!!!

Other than that, things are going well on the whole school-side of life. Chamber music is slowly getting organized, as is string orchestra and full orchestra. And I had my first actual lecture in Poli Sci on Thursday! It was very exciting. That's all for now, but you should check out my facebook page I spent and hour and a half making this evening, for lack of any actual homework to do (as opposed to all my roomies). http://ubc.facebook.com/profile.php?id=21011672

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Well, I got my computer moniter today. It was pretty quick too - I got my student loan money yesterday, paid off my credit card, and ordered my moniter off NCIX.com. And they delivered it this morning to my rez. Sweet ass. So this means that I'll be able to update more now. I'm into the second week of classes, but only the first full week of classes because of Labour Day. Still nothing too crazy, but then again I'm only taking two academic classes, and the rest are performance credits. So not as crazy as my roommates who have lots of reading and homework already. Suckers.

Saturday, September 09, 2006


So I haven't been posting because I'm waiting. On the oodles of money I've been promised. I'm sure they'll come soon. But until then I can only use the free computers in the library or Student Union Building. First week was fine, fairly painless, and I'm starting to get to know my way around campus. I had my first lesson today, and we did scales for an hour and a half. I think I fried my brain.