Friday, August 11, 2006

My firstborn shall be named Gunnar Snorri

And.....a last minute save by Ingunn's cousin Gunnar Snorri. After we got the runaround, Ingunn's mom called him because he's the head of Iceland's foreign service. And he got the Icelandic government, and the US Embassy, and Icelandair on the phone and got us and only us express permission to board the flight to Minneapolis with our instruments. I think we're going to put together a huge care package for Gunnar Snorri, because he is my new hero.

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Meelz said...

That is amazing! Wow! I'm just imagining instruments cracking on the journey from Minneapolis to Iceland in the cargo hold.

I see that you've finished up school in Toronto and have a fantastic quartet. I wanted to see you guys when you were playing in Saskatoon, but sadly, I now call Edmonton home. Anyway, have fun in Iceland!