Monday, January 22, 2007

I'm a Negligent Mother

I know, I don't update very often. I'm a negligent blogger. But I swear I've been very busy, doing not a hell of a lot. The most recent news is from last weekend, right after I posted. My friend Alex from UMP and YND called me up, and we arranged to go to see Dreamgirls on Saturday afternoon. Then we found out our other YND friend Jeff was in town from Victoria for some NDP party, and so we ended up going out for dinner with him and Becca after the movie, and then heading over to this NDP party. It was a birthday party for someone, who I think is the head of the BC NDP. I'm not really sure. But anyways in the course of the night I agreed to run for co-chair of the YND at the convention this weekend. I still claim it's because they promised to make a Facebook group about me, but that's another story. Then, Sam invited me to go see Body Worlds with him, Becca, and Jeff on Sunday morning. It was the last day, and the only tickets he could get were for 8:30 am, which meant that we had to leave UBC on the first bus out that morning - at 6:45 am. It hurt, but it was worth it because Body Worlds was pretty cool. After that we went out for lunch and met up with Erin, another YNDer. And then I somehow became instrumental in nominating Becca to run for NDP candidacy in our federal riding. It was mostly because they wanted her forms in by the end of the day, and I was already with her so all I had to do was go over to her house and sign the forms on my way back to UBC. So that was my exciting weekend, but of course by the time Monday rolled around I was already exhausted. Although I did end up going to sleep at about 8 pm on Sunday.

Anyways, my week was busy but boring. Full of classes, homework, and practicing. Sooooo much fun. And my weekend was pretty low-key, which was nice because I spend the entire day yesterday catching up on all my readings that I've neglected. My only other piece of news I guess is that I ordered a Bam Hi-Tek viola case from Remenyi in Toronto. Why Remenyi? Because they actually had one in stock, and ordering directly from Bam takes about 6 months. So I'm eagerly awaiting it's arrival, because my cheap-o Korean case is just about on its last legs. Soooo...that's it. From the looks of it, I'm in for another pretty boring week, and Friday afternoon I head off to Victoria for YND convention. So, that will probably be slightly more eventful and then I can relate the hijinks to you-all.

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