Monday, April 17, 2006

Nathan Fillion

So, Michelle and I decided we should start one of those Gawker map websites where people write in real-time sightings fo stars, except just for Nathan Fillion. He's super hot, and who doesn't want to know where he is at all times?!!! We're all obsessed with that really bad TV series Two Guys and a Girl (and a Pizza Place) that both Ryan Reynolds and Nathan Fillion were on. I downloaded all four seasons, and have burned dvds for both Michelle and Ingunn. In fact, Michelle called me at 9:15 tonight, very distraught and saying she couldn't study for our Art History exam we have tomorrow morning because she couldn't stop watching Two Guys and a Girl!!!! I had to calm her down and point out that if she absolutly could not stop watching, she could always watch while she studied. It's only cause they're so hot and funny.

So, anybody seen Nathan lately?

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