Saturday, April 22, 2006

The Stretch

Well, I'm in the final stretch. I'm almost done. I have a chamber music concert tomorrow afternoon, and then mad studying for my history final on Monday, then I have to write a paper and make a presentation for my Canadian repertoire class on Wednesday, and then I'm done with school!!!! At least the school part of school - I still have lots of playing, but as of Wednesday at noon, I'll be done all my classes and assignments. Boo-yah. I'm excited but also apprehensive about moving across the country. I hate moving, mostly because I'm a clutterbug and have a ton of stuff, all of which is VERY IMPORTANT. How could I possibly go without my collection of moisturizers. I have the soy extract, radiance, renewal, collagen, almond, vitamin C, healthy defense, and deep comfort. And I need them all! So you can see my problem - I have too much crap. Of course, it will probably be good for me to go through it all and get rid of random stuff I've had for four years and never used. Although, as soon as I throw it out, I might need it. You never know. Last month I was feeling all maniacal in the middle of the night and I sorted through all my books and packed a box of books. It's been sitting in the middle of the floor since then....... My efficiency amazes me.

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