Sunday, April 02, 2006

Well, at least I have that

So apparently Alastair is not moving to Michigan, but instead following Mr. Kadz to Calgary, and wants his quartet to come with him. I think we've basically convinced Catherine that it would be a BAD decision - especially since she got into the Cleveland Institute of Music, which is a big important school. But enough of that. I went and picked up Ingunn's parents and her brother Gunnar from an airport hotel on Friday morning and dropped them at their friend's house in Rosedale. I then went home and chillaxed for a bit, and then went to school to practice before Ingunn's recital. She called me slightly panicked 15 minutes before her recital because she couldn't find Michelle who she had apparently asked to page turn for her. Except Michelle was off coaching a YAPA quartet and was going to be late for Ingunn's recital. So Ingunn decided my jeans and sneakers were acceptable and I jumped in to page turn - we talked to Michelle after the concert and she vaguely remembered Ingunn offhandedly asking her at Catherine's recital the night before. But that's all water under the bridge.

After Ingunn's recital, Erik, Michelle, and I somehow got talking about Iceland salmon fishing with Ingunn's boyfriend Tim, and we were being totally sarcastic and crazy but he was taking it all very seriously, and we ended up getting into this big argument over Icelandic salmon fishing techniques. And so we just avoided Tim for the rest of the night because we just didn't care!! And then he thought we were mad at him. What a pussy. We ended up ditching the Icelandic afterparty early, but not after talking to Ingunn's dad for a while about our Iceland trip. He got us another confirmed concert at this church, as a fundraiser for new stained-glass windows. So Michelle decided she should write a piece called Stained Glass (but in Icelandic). So that's cool. Then we met up with Catherine, Peter, Mariko, and Poppa Cosbey at a bar near school and hung out with them for about half and hour, then we went home to Etobicoke.

When my alarm went off at 4:30 am, I wanted to kill someone. But I hauled ass out of bed and picked up Peter, and got to the market to get our spot. However, Pheobe and Liana are now fired from busking, as they showed up at 8 (a full 3 hours after we got there), refused to pay for parking (how else would we have gotten the spot if we hadn't hauled our asses out of bed and drove down at 5 am?), and also borrowed money from Peter and didn't pay him back. So Peter was very upset and will no longer ask them to go busking. We did make a little over $100 each though. Then I was driving Peter to the Mooredale house to give sectionals for their orchestra when Carolyn called him and asked him if he could cover the violas too, as she is super duper sick. And he was like, Katya's in the car, why doesn't she just do it? So I did some viola sectionals yesterday. They're doing this horribly easy Boccherini Sinfonia, and I went through it twice with them, and then ran out of things to do. It was the first rehearsal, and they were all sightreading, so I could get really picky or anything.... So whatever. Then Peter dropped me off at home, and I puttered around until I collapsed at about 8:30 pm. I slept almost straight through until noon today. It was fantastic. I love bed.

Oh, and I got an email today saying I got into McGill. So at least I have that.....

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