Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Well, it's been another exciting orchestra week. There was a big blow-up yesterday over the bowings, and it was actually quite dramatic. And it's one of those situations where it's not really anybodies fault, but the administration desperately wants a scapegoat to blame, so they blame us. As they always do. Because god knows when things don't go right it's always the students out to sabotage the school. But I digress....

Yesterday we played for the opening of Mastercard's new offices in Toronto, and it was one of those really annoying gigs where you're playing background music, but nobody pays any attention to you whatsoever, and they just talk loudly over everything. We even tried playing really loud, crashy, impressive sounding stuff like Piazzola, and the Four Seasons, but nothing! And it's a pretty well-paying gig, but it's through the school so I won't actually see that money for a while. Which is annoying because I could really use it now for my trip to Vancouver next week. But anyways. Hopefully they'll pay us up front in Stratford.

Oh yeah, Graeme made us this super cool site for our quartet which is now up and running. Check it out at

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