Thursday, April 06, 2006


So, new orchestra related drama today - a bunch of the violins just took off in the middle of the day randomly. They told the conductor that they were "required" to attend their teacher's concert, and then took off. Needless to say people were not impressed. Also Michelle arranged to have Liana replace her, because this week was basically killing her shoulder. Michelle then took off and went to see a doctor at the Women's College Sports Medicine clinic about her shoulder, and was diagnosed with a sore shoulder. And then the doctor kept trying to get Michelle to admit she was anorexic, and sent her away with some pain killers and a referral to a dietician. And if you know Michelle you know that this is hilarious. Sure, she's skinny, but she eats a lot. She's probably the least likely person of everyone I know to have an eating disorder. Anyways, I'm at Ingunn's right now with the girls + Liana, and we're having a 'guys suck and I love my friends night'. Because guys suck and I love my friends. Not that I can really relate to the guys sucking part, because I don't hold with all that drama the younger set seems to get off on, but I'm here to be supportive. And by supportive I mean writing in my blog. While they're in another room.

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