Wednesday, March 22, 2006


So, I got up at 7:30 this morning and dragged my ass off to school to practice. I got some good work done, and planned to do more this afternoon, but it was not to be. I went to Canadian Repertoire class, which is taught by the husband of one of my old colleagues from the Saskatoon Symphony, and they had a baby last monday!!! A girl named Blythe Elizabeth Burry. BEB for short I guess. After class I ate my lunch and waited for Matthew who was of course late for our rehearsal. And then I got this call from Carol asking me if I wanted to sub in for her teaching this afternoon, so I said sure. Easy money. So after my rehearsal, instead of practicing like I had origionally intended I headed over to Barnaby's house to teach violin kids. Carol works for my old friend from NYO who runs a music school out of his house. I like subbing for Carol because it means I get to hang out with Barnaby, which I never have the time to do. He showed me this hilarious site called, with this guy who scams the Nigerian e-mail scammers. It's pretty absurdly hilarious. And so I just got home about half and hour ago, and I'm doing the whole checking the emails thing, and I'm going to watch my daily show and colbert report from yesterday and then go to bed. I like bed. But not as much as beb.

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