Monday, March 06, 2006


So yesterday I got up at about 11, and sat around and home until 3. It was fabulous. Then I walked to school because it was nice out, and practiced for a while - until about 8:30. I then came home and watched the tail end of the Oscars. I liked Jon Stewart, but the audience full of people he was making fun of didn't seem to like him all that much. They all just think that what they do is SO important, so they really don't like it when somebody points out the absurdity and frivolity of their profession. I don't mind it when someone does to me. I mean, music? It's not exactly Doctors Without Borders or UN Peacekeeping. It's seriously frivolous. Seriously.

Anyways, I had kind of a crappy sleep because I kept waking up to hack and cough. Fun. I accidentally slept in this morning cause of the whole crappy sleep thing and was almost late for Art History. That is the most boring class ever. It's interesting stuff art-wise, but our teacher is insane and goes off on these tangents about fruit and veg painting and eating the pictures. It's all very odd. And then I had a lesson, which I hadn't really practiced too much for seeing as how I spent three days in bed last week, and then we had quartet rehearsal where we read through the last movement of our Beethoven very slowly, then worked on two lines for half and hour. It was super fun.

I then decided I needed a break, as I had been going for 5 hours non-stop, so I took the subway to Ingunn's to watch random TV. She was supposed to have New Music Ensemble, but unfortunatly the teacher cancelled, so she came home and convinced me to go shopping. Shopping when you have no money is seriously no fun. Seriously. I found this blazer at H&M that was really nice, but it just wasn't $70 nice. Stupid money. (Note to self: locate a money tree) Then I went back to school and practiced for a bit, and had a soul-sucking Schubert rehearsal with Matthew who doesn't listen to anything I do, and then I came home. Fun.

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