Sunday, March 12, 2006

I'm Never Drinking Again

So Ingunn's party was pretty fun. I was this hiarious mix of music people and random Icelandic people. I didn't actually drink, but Ingunn called me yesterday to inform me that she's never drinking again. She got so shit-faced she flashed Alastair. Which if you know Ingunn, means she was pretty frakking drunk. We left at about 1:30, but didn't get home until 2 as we gave Carolyn and Matthias a ride home. I then sat on the couch and put on downoaded tv to watch until I had to leave at 4:15. Next thing I knew my alarm was going off - good thing I pr-emptively set it. So I got 2 very uncomfortable hours of sleep on the couch. So I went and picked everyone up for busking; Peter, Senja, and Pheobe. Tom's not allowed to go busking anymore as he threw out his neck. We got there at 5ish and claimed our spot in the foyer. I then proceeded to sleep for an hour on the floor. Some old man made fun of me....

We played until 1, and made $150 each. Go team. Peter then dropped me off at home, and I hung out watching downloaded tv and fielding lots of calls from people. One of the calls was from Chonghua wanting to go out. I said sure, but that she had to call me back at 10 to wake me up and give me details. So I went to bed at about 5 pm, and woke up at 10 this morning. Needless to say Chonghua never called, but I figured I probably needed the sleep.

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