Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Mwah I got up and went to school for my 11 am quartet rehearsal. It ended at 1 and I listened to the Arpeggione sonata with my score in the library until my Trout quintet rehearsal at 2. When that was done at 4 I was very hungry so I went to get some food. I sat in the student lounge and watched Dr. Phil while eating my Subway special of the day and was eventually joined by Dave and Luise. We ended up sitting around and watching bad tv - Simpsons, Friends, Sex and the City - until 7:30. I then went and practiced, and while taking a break at 9ish I ran into Dave in the hallway. We got talking about Bach so I went to the bass room to listen to his Bach suite. I then went back and finished some work on my Bartok concerto, and headed home.

I'm currently in scheduling mode for my April things. I had to move our quartet concert at the Bata Shoe Museum as I've been asked to play with the Canadian Opera Company orchestra to try out their new concert hall that's being completed. Also, I spent time on the phone with my mom, my cousin Bruce's wife, and my Grandma figuring out some logistics for my trip to BC in April. And now I really need some sleep seeing as how I have to get up in 6 1/2 hours to go to a quartet rehearsal. I wonder where Catherine is......

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