Monday, March 13, 2006


Well, today was nice. I got up at 10 am, and watched the season finale of Battlestar Galactica. And all I can say is holy frakking crap damn! I can't believe they just did that! But anyhoo, I then proceeded to school, where I tried to play in tune for five hours. It was super fun. I did take a little time out to eat,and get coffee with Catherine while she bemoaned her twisted love life. And then we rehearsed quartet. We listened to the Schafer 5th String Quartet, and we've decided to switch to that one from Schafer 2. His 2nd String Quartet is cool, but it's just not our bag, baby. The fifth is way more our kinda thing. But it's really hard, so it's going to be alot of work. And then we worked on trying to play the fourth movement of our Beethoven in tune. It's a sad fact that I spend most of my life trying to play in tune. I want it now!!!!

After quartet I sat in the student lounge and watched part one of Prairie Giant: The Tommy Douglas Story on CBC, and I talked to my dad and Cayley on the phone who had some exciting news - Cayley got a job in the Premier's office and he's moving to Regina!!! I think I was way more excited than he was, because I think it's super cool. After they kicked us out of school at 10, Catherine and I went home. And since it was balmy today we went running/rollerblading. We went over St. Clair to Yonge, then down to Bloor, then accross to Bedford, up to Davenport, over to Bathurst, and up again to our place. It's about 8.7 km. Up Bathurst at Davenport is a huge hill, and I thought I was going to have a heart attack. But what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger, right? Right?!!!!!!!

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red bandana said...

I think it's really exciting that Cayley got a job in Regina! He's going to stay at my sisters house for a couple of days while looking for a place to live. I'm really excited to have a friend moving to Regina, it's someone to hang out with! YAY!

As far as your blog, I love catching up on your life Katya, since I don't ever get to see you anymore. Y'know. I wish I could make $150 playing an instrument for people, but I don't play a compact instrument. ;) Sounds like you're having a good time - and it's fun catching up (like I said).

Catch you on the flip side...