Wednesday, March 29, 2006

I Heart

So I did nap for a couple of hours yesterday afternoon, and then dragged myself to school for sectionals. We finished early so then I hung out waiting for the violins to finish, then Catherine and I went over to Michelle's. We hung out with Michelle's family, and stuff. Then we all lay down in Michelle's bed and watched a couple episodes of Coupling before falling asleep. That's a funny show. I especially like the Scottish guy who says "breasts" all the time.

I got a chance to catch up on my sleep a bit, and Michelle and I stopped at the Booster Juice at Jane and Bloor on our way to school. Booster Juice is always a good idea. Anyways, so then we had Canadian Repertoire class, and then I went home for a bit, and then rollerbladed down to school to see Catherine play in a masterclass for Leila Josefewicz. She was pretty awesome - she's hot AND talented! It's not fair! And then I practiced for a bit, and watched Bones in the student lounge, and now I'm home again. I'm going to go down to school at 11 and pick up Catherine, and then we're going to go to Michelle's. I heart Michelle, and her whole family - it's nice to get some family time in when you can't have it with your own.

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