Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Yesterday was crazy study day. I got up and went to school, had class, had a rehearsal, and had my lesson, then headed over to Michelle's to study for our history exam. I took a little 'break' around 9:30 to drive Ingunn to the airport to pick up her pianist, and pick up Catherine from Alastair's, then we studyed like crazy till 2, got 6 hours of sleep, and studied until our test at 10. There was so much information to look through, because it was a test that encompassed the entire Baroque, Classical, and Romantic eras. That's like, 200 years and tons of stuff. Anyways, the studying paid off because there were only a few questions on the exam that I was like, "wha?!" And I totally rocked my essay question on Beethoven's style and innovations. He was a badass. And now I might try to nap. We'll see. Today's the first day in 3 days I haven't had a headache from fatigue, but if I don't nap then by the time orchestra comes along at 7:30 tonight I might be ready to die.....

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