Sunday, March 05, 2006

Bag 'O Change

So, we went busking yesterday and made about $85 each. It wasn't a really lucrative day, our all time high being $175 each, but it'll keep me in food for the week. I kept making Tom and Peter take lots of breaks throughout the day. They always want to keep playing straight, but you just can't do that for five or six hours. So about every hour I'd just be like, "Break time!!!!" and put my viola away. Anyhoo, afterwards we went over to Peter and Mariko's to count out the money and eat some lunch. We somehow ended up watching Ace Ventura, Pet Detective on TBS. That movie is so wierd. I also fell asleep in the middle so I lost some of the continuity. I hope. By about 5:30 I was feeling pretty crappy, and I was supposed to rehearse the Schubert with Matthew at 7, so I called him and rescheduled for Monday and caught the bus home. But instead of going to bed when I got home, I instead watched about half of season 5 of Gilmore Girls. I'd been waiting for it to finish downloading for weeks, and now that I finally had it I couldn't not watch it!!!! But by about 10:30 I was in really rough shape so I did my bedtime drugging ritual (NyQuil, ibuprofen, and decongestant) and tucked in. All in all, very exciting.

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