Sunday, March 26, 2006

Head ache

I am so tired right now. Yesterday we went busking, so it was another exciting 4:30 am morning. I'm getting quite good at dozing on a hard tile floor in the foyer of the market. People must think I'm just a very well dressed homeless person. Anyways, we didn't make that much money because it was raining, and because we only played 'till 11. Then I went to school and chillaxed before my lesson with Kim Kashkashian. I played for her in the masterclass on Friday morning, and then yesterday afternoon I had an open lesson with my Bartok concerto. That piece is so depressing, because it takes forever to learn. Steve wants me to play it on my recital in May, and I just don't think I can learn it by then. It's stressing me out. If I didn't have the May 3rd deadline to worry about, I could just relax and practice it, but instead I feel stressed out man!!! I'm exhausted also because instead of napping yesterday afternoon, or going to bed early, I had to go pick up Catherine from the airport, and then play this boring choir concert. The people in the choir were very nice, and they were even playing marginally interesting music, seeing as how it was all Bach and Mozart. But I was just so exhausted. I spaced out for a while during this one piece I was tacet for, and I had to keep blinking rapidly and gripping my viola really hard in order to not fall off my chair and sleep on the floor. It was just so tempting. Cold tile floors are really comfy!

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