Tuesday, March 21, 2006


So, another couple of exciting days in the life of me. Yesterday was back to the grind, with art history in the morning and a really bad lesson in the afternoon. And then I wrote a thoughtful and insightful paper on Rembrandt. Really. Today we had music history, and found out our term test is next week. Yippee. Then I went to Michelle's and hung out with her and her mom for a while before driving the car to school to pick up Catherine and Regulo. They flew out this afternoon for the Colburn auditions in LA, and I wish I was going with them. I need a vacation somewhere warm. And then I went back to Michelle's and hung out with her family. I ended up staying for dinner, and I finally managed to tear myself away to come home. And now I'm going to watch downloaded TV while I bow Bartok parts for the next orchestra concert. Woot. Actually my only semi-exciting news is that I got into chamber music at Domaine again this year. Other non-exciting news is that our quartet was waitlisted for a residency at Banff. That wasn't really a surprise though, because we know they really want us to come but it's just a space issue. We'll see what happens I guess.

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